Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Israeli jets attack Gaza

After only two days for holding peace talks in Washington, Israeli fighter jets attacked the city and the city of Khan Younis Rafah in southern Gaza Strip causing several people injured. The attack on Saturday night that resulted in a Palestinian people were killed and at least three others injured, while another was reported missing when trapped in the tunnel under attack.

According to news published PressTV, Israeli jets fly low in Gaza air space and fired a rocket into the agricultural areas in Khan Younis. The people of Gaza expect more attacks seranga-up will be done.

YNet news agency quoted that a Zionist military spokesman confirmed the attack incident.

Zionist Israel's military conduct air and ground attacks on Gaza since the attack for 22 days starting at the end of 2008. Israel berukang-bomb anniversary aringan underground tunnels in the Gaza-Egypt border at Rafah.

They claimed that Palestinian fighters smuggling weapons using the tunnels.

Palestinians, however, denied the allegations. The tunnel is the only choice they have to bring in the urgent basic needs after diembargo over the years by the Zionist regime. Approximately 1.5 million people in Gaza denied their right to get food, medicine and basic needs of others as a result of the embaro. (mn/presstv/YNet) (Mn / presstv / YNet)

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